About Wen

Different cities give off a certain kind of energy. From the glamour of New York’s DKNY and Tory Burch offices to the hustle and bustle of London College of Fashion, I have learned so much. My shoes, therefore, are more than footwear. They are a walking travel book of my experiences.

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Product Story – Wander

Each step of my journey reflects another stage in my development as a person and as a designer. My experiences influence my work, sometimes in ways transparent, sometimes more vague and opaque.

The shoe is a mix of both positive and negative space, silhouettes and cutout panels working in tandem. Several challenges emerged during the design of the shoe, as I strove for both elegance and comfort, two elements which can be difficult to combine successfully. The fusion of the materials and a modern two-tone palette bring the familiar silhouettes up to date, creating a striking contrast of the old and the new, a fine balance between refinement and comfort.

(*Visuals from Talent’s mood-board)

The woman in Wander shoes doesn’t own a shoe rack, doesn’t follow trends, and is not easily led. She is discerning, and doesn’t dither over which pair to wear for an evening out or to a meeting. Hers is an intentionally sparse collection of shoes, chosen with care.

She lives a rich, sometimes hectic, but fulfilling life. She may be a mother with children or a student running to class but shares a single vision: to live life fully and with purpose, to care for those around her, but to be her own person, to stand out with her elegance and idiosyncratic beauty. Even in her purchases, she demands meaning. With eyes forever looking forward, she is ready to face whatever challenges life throws her way, landing on her feet every time.