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The story of Dots Dash ..- U is a little different, though as with our Talents, it came around in part through chance and luck, with many surprises along the way…

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Product Story – Serendipity

When the kernel of a design becomes visualised, we know we have something we can be passionate about. As Serendipity took shape, we found ourselves driven to take the image developing in our mind, of a beautiful, timeless shoe, and make it into something real. Shapes, patterns and materials had formed, and we started thinking about how we could use them with these amazing leather soles, which are made using a method called goodyear welting, the oldest, most labour intensive, and most durable method of sole construction.

We worked on a number of sketches and prototypes but, beneath piles of paper and mountains of empty coffee cups, realised we were erring towards the mistake of deviating from simplicity. We didn’t want a design which would leave you fretting over buckles, or bold colours that might overwhelm your ensemble. So we stripped it back, including subtle accents and a custom made leather lining. We are proud to have created something which provides comfort, but also fuels your passion and creativity, in much the same manner that our love of shoemaking was nourished by meeting Señor Manuel.

The upper part of the shoe is made from the highest quality Spanish leather, while the back possesses a specially developed pattern, providing it a delicate twist. The sole, however, is our pride and joy. We wish every woman could walk in these shoes, feeling the confidence we do with each step. When they touch the pavement, we hear music, the sound of a beautiful, confident woman.

It was not only quality, but love of design that went into making these shoes. We took the classic, high quality design of an Oxford shoe, and used the basis of its functional qualities to create something beautiful. All of us who have collaborated on this project hope you come to love our design in much the same way as we do. We invite you to unite in our shared love of craft, quality, discovery and teamwork.