Roxy Star

Nina Sibiratkina

About Nina Sibiratkina

As a young girl I fantasised about being a brooding, mysterious artist, but ultimately, I was drawn into my mother’s world…I had to dip my toes into waters unknown if I was ever to realise the unimaginable. So I followed the ghosts of Gaudi…

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Product Story – Roxy Star

Roxy Star was inspired by Roxy Music’s song If There Is Something. It was so unique. Haunting yet uplifting, catchy but pensive at the same time. I wanted to evoke the feeling of uniqueness in those wearing my shoe. Inspired heavily by Art Rock, I looked at a number of classic styles, and decided to work - as a base - with the timeless silhouette. Beauty is nothing without comfort. An elegant heel is a crime if it causes the woman wearing it pain. I wanted a shoe a woman could walk confidently in without wincing with every step. With that in mind, I worked from finest Spanish leather for the upper, complemented with a soft goat leather for the lining.


I wanted to take the old and infuse it with an avant-garde feel. I wanted to experiment with asymmetry and play with different concepts, much like in the song. While working on ideas, I came across a photo of falling autumn leaves covering the ground, inadvertently creating a beautiful and intricate pattern on the floor. Superimposing details upon one another, I was able to create the image of materials wrapping themselves both naturally and protectively around the wearer’s feet. It appears organic, though each detail has been carefully thought out.

When designing a shoe, I always ask myself, Why? Why this shoe? Why these materials, this design? With this model, I wanted something that suited the fast-paced rhythm of the city, a shoe combining comfort, quality and beauty.

The classic silhouette I went for allowed me to fuse these qualities, a strong basis to work from as I made use of the design’s asymmetry, which created an attractive, eye-catching product. Remembering If There Is Something, I was determined to create something bold, unique and affecting.

The woman in my shoe values the conceptual and finds inspiration in unique places. She is practical, valuing comfort and quality alongside style. She cherishes fashion in much the same way I do, understanding its value and place in the world. She stands out naturally, whether that is onstage, in the classroom or at work. She leads by example, and is is proud of her avant-garde approach to life.