Arianna Tombolini

About Arianna Tombolini

Learning from some of the biggest names in the fashion world such as Bally and others has given me great confidence in my collections. The possibilities for discovery remain endless, for style, but also for me as a designer.

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Product Story – Nubium

Nubium translates as clouds, and was inspired by the Italo Calvino book “Le città invisibili”. The novel explores the belief that our mind is a city. Calvino’s most interesting location was Zobeidei, a nebulous city, both physically and otherwise, where the clouds envelop and enable the citizen to feel the surrounding abstract world usually unnoticed or ignored. Calvino wanted us to get in touch with the metaphysical, and recognise its emotional power.

(*Visuals from Talent’s mood-board)

With this in mind, I set to task creating Nubium. It has a firm physical basis, with strong elastic and fabric creating a voluminous look. At the same time, it is influenced by the ethereal, and evokes a strong sense of understanding between the physical and transcendent worlds. It is important for us to understand ourselves, our differences and imbalances. This is the meaning of fashion: to explore, to challenge both the designer and the customer. What is beautiful today may not be tomorrow. Why is this?

The shoe is made with strong rubber leather, an innovation in fashion, complemented by a semi-transparent fabric. It creates a deceptively fragile look, but the shoe is both durable and strong, reflecting Calvino’s exploration of our way of viewing the world and our perception of it. It is a link between the clouds and the earth, and a celebration of nature which both nourishes and challenges us.