Anna Lenkiewicz

About Anna Lenkiewicz

My decision to be a fashion designer was unconventional. But the little girl had big dreams, and big dreams mean bold steps… Where else but the dirty, noisy cobbler’s workshops at the London College of Fashion could I fully discover the beauty of design?

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Product Story – Ensler

A city can tell many stories and inspire a thousand ideas. It also forces me to question everything, from beliefs to my own perspectives. So as I sharpen my pencils and open a new page in the sketchbook, I always challenge myself before drawing the first lines. What design strikes me as interesting? What do I want to offer? How can I infuse value and meaning to my work?

I’ve worked in the industry for over five years, and always question the meaning behind my work. Do I want to be part of the Fashion Machine, telling women their bodies aren’t the right shape, colour, or size? This is not what I want for the women in my life. One must change the problems from within. Fashion has the power to liberate, to allow a woman to be herself. Fashion is not to alter one’s look, but to enhance its natural beauty.

(*Visuals from Talent’s mood-board)

My shoe won’t make you sexier or funnier, but it may help you to realise those qualities are already within you, waiting to blossom. I want you to walk in Ensler shoes, named in honour of Eve Ensler, a writer and women’s rights activist who has inspired millions worldwide to reclaim ownership of their bodies.

Feminine, elegant, comfortable, but most importantly, bold. Ensler shoe are perfect for the city woman on the go, compromising nothing on style or comfort. Their mix of quality black leather and beautiful nude suede complements any outfit, while the on trend pointed toe elongates legs, adding confidence to your stride.

You can rely on Ensler not to let you down as you go about your busy work schedule. But at heart, there is an individual, as envisaged by the small triangular studs, giving just the slightest glimpse of the rebel within. Feminine yet daring. Contemporary and classic, with a dose of British punk. Bringing out the rebel in every woman.