About 5yMedio

My background is unconventional for a designer. I began my working life in Clinical Psychology… But I wanted to make shoes. And not just any shoes; shoes practical for everyday life, for the woman kept constantly on her toes, the woman with barely a spare moment, caring for those around her, working, surviving.

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Product Story – Drew

Drew is a shoe for women who understand adversity and the strength required to overcome barriers. It was inspired by the actress Drew Barrymore, who herself has seen the worst of life and come through it a better person. While designing the product, I kept this thought in mind, creating a shoe that was practical for everyday wear and reflected the ins and outs of life for women in today’s world.

(*Visuals from Talent’s mood-board)

I was drawn to the Dots Dash project because it allowed me to deviate from the 5.5cm heel, the norm for 5 y Medio shoes. Having done a lot of research into the ideal heel size of shoes, it was not easy to design a flat. But the project allowed me to do something different. In life fresh and sometimes daunting challenges have ended up giving me new direction and opportunities, and I saw the project as a way of growing as a designer.

Drew allowed me to create something special, both for me and the customer. I produced a model with a high cut that concealed the toe, a look I had experimented with little before. I’m pleased to say this fresh angle has worked out very well and is something I would like to explore again further down the line.

Standards are, as always, my top priority. The shoe has an insole made from fine materials and a stamped leather, crocodile-skin finish, giving it the luxurious look it deserves.

The quality of the shoe is reflected in the joy the woman wearing it feels. She is elegant, happy, and fulfilled, even though she has seen the highs and lows of life and faced a great many challenges. She is a woman with perspective, who takes stock of everything she has experienced and continues to grow, sharing her wisdom with those around her, and remembering the importance of working both with and for others.