About MMartha

Thanks to my family’s Lebanese roots I see the rich cultural heritage of both my native and ancestral homes. It has taught me to learn from people, to be open to new methods and tap into sources of inspiration not yet explored, to discover fresh ways of approaching the fascinating world of design.

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Product Story – Courbé

The inspiration for Courbé derives from a French word meaning curve, or bend. Why? While researching the project, I came across historical images of patients in bandages. As I continued my research, similar images stood out at me. I was fascinated by the way a simple bandage totally transforms a person. A small, slender piece of material, it alters its wearer entirely. Bandages make people feel ugly, although they are designed to help and protect. The wearer knows they are being helped, yet feels emotionally vulnerable, and I found this paradox intriguing.

(*Visuals from Talent’s mood-board)

What if I could flip that perception upside down? Through the use of opaque colours, clear lines and subtle chic, I set out to transform the idea that materials used to bind or heal must be unsightly. Moreover, I wanted to create something that someone would want to reveal rather than hide, a bandage that encased the wearer in confidence and self-belief, something which made them feel good about themselves.

(*Visuals from Talent’s mood-board)

A woman in Courbé shoes is open to the world around her, yet rooted in her own sense of place, home and purpose. She is inspired by the outer world, and comforted by the inner sanctity of home, making good of all that comes her way.