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From Bangkok to Berlin, I’ve learned a great deal about fashion… When done well, it celebrates our ability to make the everyday stand out, to make a simple person a walking work of art.

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Product Story – Carapace

A carapace is a protective shell, ensuring the safety of whomever is encased in its tough exterior. But it is more than that. The carapace defines. It is another layer to the woman inside, whose inner strength speaks with a quieter yet equally powerful voice.

(*Visuals from Talent’s mood-board)

Carapace is intricate yet subtle. Though comfortable and fit for everyday use, its unique features are eye-catching. Designing it was not easy. It never should be. We were given complete freedom, both a blessing and a challenge. Although design is not science, it sometimes requires a methodical approach. Beauty too requires method. My creativity led me through many variations of what would be the perfect design, the same creativity that evoked the feeling in me as of a sculptor, working out her passion.

(*Visuals from Talent’s mood-board)

Several images sprung to mind while I was designing, but the two which stood out were those of boats and the carapace. I was struck by the ideas of protection and constant motion. The imagery reminded me of the journey of life and the vulnerability inside which we often mask with a superficial shell. I wanted to create a shoe that accurately reflected humanity.

I played around with styles and materials but decided that this piece needed to suit all seasons. I experimented with patterns and materials before settling on an elegant, understated black, which I thought would complement any outfit. Carapace is unique but not ostentatious. It evokes both structure and vulnerability with its protective outer layer and more firm inner, reflecting an accurate portrayal of everyday women.

As such, it fits seamlessly into the wardrobe, while its carefully selected materials’ composition earmarks its quality. It is strong, yet comfortable, and works as a shoe for winter wear or as a statement piece in spring or summer. It may be inspired by protection, but it is characterised by intent.