Silvia Fado

About Silvia Fado

People all too often start with make up, or eye-catching clothing. But fashion, like a good designer, must work its way up. The assured smile of a confident woman starts with the first steps of the day, and the shoes she walks in.

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Product Story – Alter

I wanted to create a shoe that transcended seasons, much as they themselves float seamlessly into one another. I wanted something bold, imposing and eye-catching. Dots Dash understood this concept, giving me the encouragement I needed to realise it. A good shoe should work in all seasons, complementing any outfit. My shoe has neither season nor trend. Rather, it is based on the foundations of quality and elegant style.

As someone inspired by many mediums, it wasn’t easy to come up with a design, but that was a challenge I took on and was excited by. My vision was to create something fit for everyday wear, but also contemporary and elegant. It was a huge test and an opportunity to think in ways I hadn’t before, to make use of the wealth of experience I had gained over the years.

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Made with sturdy, European materials, the shoe is both comfortable and durable. It may be worn as a winter ankle boot, or a summer sandal, and its neutral colours make it suitable for wear with almost any outfit. The unique sole adds an elegant look to the materials used for comfort, and the shoe works day and night.

My shoe creates no illusions. It reveals truths. It is a basis for self-belief and confidence. Alter is a strong foundation for the day ahead, a shoe made with both craft and fervour. It is the accessory which makes the woman walking in it smile as she leaves the door. It is the first step in a successful day.