Talent Story – MMartha

I can still sense the leathery scent of my father’s tanning workshop. Though he had left Lebanon to make a home and life in Italy, he never forgot his roots, or his passion, and when I was a small girl, he shared his knowledge, teaching me everything there is to know about articles and finishes.

Even now I hear the delicate rip of needle on material as he sewed bags in his spare time. With memories so vivid, it’s no wonder I wanted to be a designer. It’s in my blood.

(*Visuals from Talent’s mood-board)

But talent and passion can only take you so far. I had a lot to learn, and so, as a young woman, I left home behind and enrolled on a course of Footwear and Accessories Design at Polimoda, in Florence. I was ambitious and worked hard, entering competitions and striving to be the best in my class. In my final year I won an award ahead of strong competition. I was moved and humbled, but importantly, driven to improve yet further and achieve more.

I graduated not long ago, and know this is just the beginning. There is much I still have to learn, which is why the Dots Dash project appeals to me. It is a chance to showcase myself, but also to learn from those with more experience. The inspiration for my design came from an unusual source. The project gives me the chance to work with new people and discover new ideas and further sources of inspiration.

(*Visuals from Talent’s mood-board)

Life has taught me to be open to ideas from outside. Thanks to my family’s Lebanese roots I see the rich cultural heritage of both my native and ancestral homes. It has taught me to learn from people, to be open to new methods and tap into sources of inspiration not yet explored, to discover fresh ways of approaching the fascinating world of design.

One day I hope to catch my reflection as I work, and see the same smile of passion and happiness I saw in my father, knowing I have taken his hobby and turned it into something the whole world can see.