Talent Story – laurapapp

Hard work is the hallmark of a great designer. Better yet if you can globe-trot while doing it! From Bangkok to Berlin, I’ve learned a great deal about fashion around the world, but one fact remains true everywhere: style is style.

The four corners of the globe speak in many voices. I’ve met consumers with an eye for good fashion, and designers with the boundless enthusiasm it takes to create true works of beauty. Fashion is often dismissed as vanity, but the opposite is true. When done well, it celebrates our ability to make the everyday stand out, to make a simple person a walking work of art.

(*Visuals from Talent’s mood-board)

Travel has helped me evolve, allowed me to find inspiration in nature and in other fields of design, like architecture or sculpture. Each place I’ve been to has given me something new, whether it’s the towering edifices of my hometown Budapest or the cobbled streets of Rome. What I love about design is that each project is a fresh opportunity to create something unique, a blank canvas, just as every place I’ve lived is another source of inspiration, another city with different architecture, new perspectives and fresh styles.

(*Visuals from Talent’s mood-board)

This has fed into my work, which has become varied in style and form. I enjoy using statuesque, dynamic and asymmetrical forms with solid colours to create bold, eye-catching designs, always thinking of how a look may be perceived in one place, and differently in another. I am interested in the power the shoe has to transform both a woman’s appearance and sense of self, how it may both protect and drive a woman to pursue her goals, and her happiness.

“By using folded lines, the young Hungarian designer is creating minimal, yet complex sculptures and experiments with apparel. Laura has an interesting vision of fashion, melting with art.”- Clement Balavoine.