About the Designers

There is an explosion of creativity when two brilliant artistic minds come together. It is awe-inspiring and also a little frightening, as we come to learn when Anna Lenkiewicz and Silvia Fado, two of our most loved shoe designers, come together to create the new Dots Dash Collection “Principles of Art”.

It is not the first time that this unlikely duo has collaborated for Dots Dash. Their previous work Ensler and Alter, went on to become two of our all-time best-selling shoe designs. And so we were excited to see what the next chapter of their story, their partnership, would bring.   

Anna finds her creative inspiration in the fashion capital of London, where she lives and breathes the city. Always at the forefront of fashion, she loves nothing more than experimenting with new colours and fabrics to create on-trend pieces for the fashionista. She’s always looking for a fresh challenge, and this is what makes her shoes so unique.

From the vibrant city of Barcelona, Silvia takes her inspiration from the art capital of Catalonia. She is a master of geometry, creating shapes and lines that push the boundaries of shoe design. Every piece a work of art. She’s an innovator dedicated to exploring new ideas. Always eager to bring her dreams to life.

When these maestri come together, something magical happens. They are two very different and dare I say, demanding personalities, but Silvia and Anna generate a special kind of energy that moves those around them. Their commitment to creating shoes that our customers love is inspiring.

These delightful divas pushed our production team to their limits while making this footwear collection. But we love a challenge at Dots Dash. Once you have viewed the Principles of Art Collection, we think you’ll agree that every moment invested was a moment well spent.



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