Talent Story – AAA (Amber Ambrose Aurèle)

A shoe is more than an accessory, it is a part of you. I explore the border between fashion and art, elevating my vision of beauty and design by merging the worlds of theory and practice to create a visual synergy.

My journey began in Amsterdam, as the bicycles wheels hit the cobbled streets with disjointed regularity. It was an early sign of the hectic lifestyle ahead of me at the Gerrit Reitveld Academy, where I studied Theater, Film and Art Direction with a focus on fashion, before moving to the smaller, but no less vibrant city of Arnhem to complete a Masters degree in Shoe Design at the art academy ArtEZ.

These years were highly informative, and I felt well prepared when I began internships after graduating. At United Nude, I was entrusted with designing the folded shoe I would later see Taylor Swift wearing in her video for Bad Blood. My shoe, on screen. I was thrilled. But I had never only wanted to make shoes for recognition. I wanted to make shoes which transformed how a woman perceives herself.

Importantly, through transformation we achieve our own sense of individuality. And authenticity is vital to me. Without it, shoe design is not fashion. With this in mind, I have always sought inspiration from unusual sources, looking for fresh ways to understand both myself and my designs. I like to think that sweet things have a strange edge. My goal is to immerse people in my world, to make them see things in different ways and to bridge the gap between art and fashion.

Equally, as a designer I find it important to challenge my own thinking, just as I reshape the materials I work with. I always question myself, exploring the relationship between fashion and the human body. I’m fascinated by the way a shoe can alter a person’s behaviour: how a woman stands, how she walks and behaves, the feeling it gives her, the person it reveals.

(*Visuals from Talent’s mood-board)

High heels, for example, evoke both vulnerability and strength, depending on how a woman feels while wearing them. I aim to explore the difference between femme fragile and femme fatale. My shoes reflect reality, accepting both our virtues and our weaknesses. I think about these human elements when I decide what to reveal, what to mask and what structures, textures or materials to use.

Design is a magical transformation. My aim is to open the mind to the boundless possibilities for change, renewal and growth, to seek out new perspectives and find contentment in exploration.