Talent story – Silvia Fado

It’s never easy to accept what the heart is telling you. Even though I enjoyed my first steps as a professional studying architecture at La Salle, deep down I knew my calling lay elsewhere. My love was in design. A child at heart, I needed something less rigid and theoretical, something I could play with. The heart spoke loudest. It was fashion where my passion lay.

That passion took me from studying in Barcelona to gaining experience with a large retailer. Over time, my interest in footwear design outweighed everything else. People all too often start with make up, or eye-catching clothing. But fashion, like a good designer, must work its way up. The assured smile of a confident woman starts with the first steps of the day, and the shoes she walks in.

And so I continued my development, devouring experience and working with esteemed shoemaker, Paul Thomas, among others, before completing an MA in Fashion Footwear at London College of Fashion. It was here I developed my first collection, Kinetic Traces, something inspired by the energy of people and movement.

A designer crafts in a studio, but her ideas must come from outside. As a native of Barcelona, I am heavily influenced by its functional design, possibly due to my roots in architecture. In a way, returning to Barcelona brought things full circle. I’d found a passion in footwear, and now saw the way architecture too could talk, breathe and create synergy with people.

Experience has taught me the importance of responding to new working methods and technology, so it was with great excitement that I took on the Dots Dash project. They shared the same love of high quality shoes, and a philosophy dedicated to exploring new ideas.

It’s important for a shoemaker to seek perfection, and so I’ve spent much of the last year exhibiting my work in Europe and elsewhere, not only so people will see my shoes but also so I can learn from different designers and new cultures. I am back home now, eager to bring my visions and ideas to life, and to create a shoe for women which I would be proud to walk in myself.