Talent story - 5yMedio

I have loved shoes for as long as I remember, and for as long as I remember I have been saving what money I have to buy them, to feel the joy of owning a new pair, knowing how I will feel when I walk out of the door. To be able to call myself a designer, sharing that joy with others, is a dream come true.

My background is unconventional for a designer. I began my working life in Clinical Psychology, later starting my own HR firm. I am a talkative person and believe communication to be the heart of understanding. While running the company, I was asked to give a hand to my first love; family. It was no easy task. My father’s firm dealt in parts and engines for off-road machinery, not my area of expertise. I took courses on engines and Business Administration and what was supposed to be a couple of months helping out my father ended up being 14 years!

One business would have been enough, but when the financial crisis hit, I saw my mother and sister’s shop going to the wall, and could not stand idly by. I jumped behind the counter. What had been a decision made out of love turned into a blessing. I enjoyed talking to customers and helping them make the right choices.
But over time the situation improved, and with my family’s encouragement, I was able to pursue my own goals once again.

And so luck arrived at the perfect time, when a friend asked me to help her launch a new brand, aware of my past in business. Moving to Italy, I spent two months working in the factory. I loved every part of it. The noise of machines whirling on the factory floor, the chatter of the employees, the heated debates in the design studio. It was bright and vibrant, exciting. Life gained colour, sound, sight, passion. I discovered my true calling. I wanted to make shoes.

But not just any shoes. It wasn’t enough for me to enter the world I loved. I had worked hard all my life, and seen the women around me do the same. I wanted shoes which could be worn in everyday life, not just for show, nor for function. It had to be both. With this in mind, I began doing some research. What was the perfect blend of elegance and comfort? After discovering the optimum heel size, the 5yMedio was born.

A shoe both beautiful, and practical for everyday life, for the woman constantly kept on her toes, the woman with barely a spare moment, caring for those around her, working, surviving. A shoe for living.