Vacation Outfit Ideas: What to Pack

Packing for a trip can be a little daunting, especially for the fashionista. There are just so many beautiful clothes and accessories to pack!

The problem with packing your entire wardrobe is that you’ll end up with heavy luggage. Not only will this slow you down, it can also be expensive.

Airlines – and even train stations – are charging more and more for luggage, and often by the pound.

Instead of spending money on your luggage, why not stick to some fashionable essentials. Doing that will leave you with money left over to buy souvenirs, or better yet – the perfect pair of shoes!


Your Vacation Packing List: the Perfect Pair of Comfy yet Stylish Shoes and More


When you’re making your vacation packing list, make sure to include these must-have summer fashion pieces. 


1. The Perfect Pair of Shoes


You knew shoes were going to be at the top of our list, right?

The problem with traveling is that you just don’t have the space to take your entire collection of hot shoes. Choose one pair of shoes from an up and coming designer at Dots Dash, and not only will you be comfortable walking around your city of choice – you’ll look amazing.

After all, just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you need to look like a tourist wearing boring shoes!


2. A White Tank


At first glance, a white tank may seem like a boring choice to put on your packing list. But believe us – it’s essential. The basic white tank can be dressed up or down, worn alone or under a blouse or dress. The options really are endless, which means you can get multiple outfits out of one item.

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3. A Skirt or Dress that Flows


When you’re traveling, you want to be comfortable. And it is so easy to feel uncomfortable when you’ve squeezed into some skinny jeans. This is no way to travel. While you can pack your favorite pair of jeans to wear once you reach your destination, we recommend wearing a dress or skirt with some wiggle room when you travel.


4. A Little Black Dress


Like the basic white tank, your LBD is essential. With the right accessories, you can create a variety of outfits for both day and night.


5. Accessories


Accessories are so important on your trip. These are what will turn your basics (LBD, white tank) into fashion-forward outfits fit for a fashion icon. Scarves, jewelry, and shawls take up just a bit of space, so your luggage won’t be too heavy and you’ll have plenty of room for souvenirs.


The Summer Style Trend You Should Follow: Designer Shoes!


Yes, we love our shoes. But it bears repeating – the perfect pair of shoes is the perfect accent to your summer wardrobe.

If you need some fabulous shoes for your summer vacation, make sure to order them from an online store like Dots Dash. With a wide selection and reasonable prices, this is yet another way to save money and time while still looking gorgeous.

Are you looking for the perfect pair of shoes? Find your perfect pair with Dots Dash!