The Creative Process of Assembling a Fashion Piece

What we see in fashion shows and stores are finished products, but most of us never think about all that happened before they got there, ready to be sold. However, even with the simplest items, such as shirts or pants, it is a complex process and there’s a team of people working on it. Here’s a brief summary of the immense job behind the creation of fashion pieces:

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Finding inspiration


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First and foremost—research. The group of people in charge of this task should research what the main trends for the upcoming season will be. This is usually done by watching shows of the famous brands, or following the work of renowned designers.

Other than that, it’s just about the inspiration. If the designer has an independent brand that doesn’t follow mainstream trends, they’ll search for ideas everywhere—nature, art, street fashion, or any other field of interest. Nowadays, it often happens that designers draw inspiration from the past. In that case, they’ll go for the photos, videos or books with the best examples of that fashion era, and design their fashion pieces accordingly.


Making concepts


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When designers finally decide on the overall idea for their new collection, they move on to creating a concept and a theme. Usually, this is done through so-called mood boards, where the overall feeling and the energy of the upcoming collection is presented. Now, the mood board can be made in a whole lot of ways. The most common ones include the main colors and designs.


Drawing sketches


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After coming up with the main concept, designers will begin to sketch their creations. At first, the sketches will simply be rough shapes of the basic fashion pieces, such as type and shape of shoes, dresses, and other items. Later, they will draw all these pieces in finest detail, containing all the necessary information about materials, combination of different fabrics and measurements.


Choice of fabric and final steps


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One of the greatest challenges when it comes to making a sketch of a fashion piece come to life is achieving the realistic image. This means that sketches will probably look a lot different from the final result, and that’s why this stage is essential. After all the fabrics have been chosen, they will be tried so the makers know if the project is realistic when it comes to a specific piece, or something has to be changed. For example, a thicker material can never be as tight on the body as it looks on the paper.

When this has been sorted out and the pieces are being tailored, that’s when the final product comes to life. When it comes to shoemaking, this choice is crucial for companies such as Dots Dash as it directly affects the durability, looks, and most importantly, the comfort, which is their primary concern.


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So, the next time you see a dress you like, a breathtaking pair of shoes, or the ideal statement blazer, remember that they didn’t get there out of thin air. Behind that single piece is a whole team of dedicated, talented people who joined forces, inspiration, and at least several months of hard work to create the fashion item you’ll love and wear.


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