How to identify your bridal style based on your personal style

Dear future brides, we understand that being a bride is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and the time is ticking to find your perfect dress, therefore we decided to invite experts to share some tips on how to choose the bridal gown of your dreams.

With wedding fashion constantly evolving at lightning speed, the ample choices in wedding dresses and accessories only add to the confusion. Hence it is not surprising that many brides are overwhelmed when they have to plan their wedding day look.

So, how do you decide what to wear and how to look on this special day in your life?

The Best for Bride team from Toronto, Canada believe that the perfect bridal look is not just about the wedding dress. To look and feel great on this special day, everything that you wear, from your gown to your shoes should be an extension of your personal style.

You cannot go wrong when your bridal style is a better version of your everyday style, for your personal style is timeless. Here is how the Best for Bride team suggests to help you identify your bridal style.


Start with the big picture

While you daydream about your wedding day, don't just focus on yourself. Take a look at what you see around yourself in this picture!  Is your wedding elegant, glamorous, casual, rustic or fun? Once you recognize the ideal setting for your wedding, you can plan your look to match this setting. Now all you have to do is find the dress and accessories that will be appropriate in the wedding you envisioned.


Look around you for inspiration

Instead of poring over Pinterest to find inspiration for your bridal look, pay attention to your wardrobe and home. Clothes tell the story of your life and speak of your style. Even your shoe collection will indicate whether your preferences are more inclined towards formal or informal looks.  Look at details that stand out in your dress choices and how you decorate the space around you. For instance, if you simply can't get enough of romantic garments in soft fabric textures or you have too many dresses with high necklines, explore similar options in bridal wear. Pay attention to the necklines, sleeves and silhouettes of clothes you like best. When you choose wedding dresses with similar features, it will flatter you most.


Take cues from your wedding venue

It won't do if you look out-of-place in the wedding scene. Your venue choice is usually an extension of who you are as a couple. Since it sets the ambiance for your wedding day, it is a good idea to take cues from the venue to plan your bridal look. For practical reasons as well, you should consider the venue when making your personal style choices. A rustic venue like a barn calls for casual, relaxed style choices while a castle, church or banquet dictate formal and traditional options. If your venue is a beach or garden, your style more likely is  fun and romantic.


Show off your assets

Not all wedding dresses look good on all body types. Hence it is important that you identify the best silhouettes for your body shape to look great on your wedding day. Here is a guide on the Huff Post that helps with finding the right fit for different body types. Flaunt the most attractive features of your body by choosing dresses that draws attention to it and distracts from what you consider are the less attractive factors about your body.  Here are some pointers:


1) For an hourglass figure, pick dresses that highlight your curves. The mermaid silhouette is ideal for a glamorous look, while the sheath generates a sophisticated vibe


2) Athletic body types can create the illusion of curves with ball gowns or fit and flare dresses. They are dressy and suitable for formal wedding styles. If you prefer a casual style, experiment with a shorter hemline and nail the look by pairing it with amazing footwear. 


3) Top-heavy brides look good in ball gowns that balance out the proportions of the body. They can also choose dresses with asymmetrical details and more texture in the skirt, to draw attention to the lower half. 


4) Pear-shaped brides usually look good in dresses with textured bodices and fit and flare dresses that do not cling to the hips. 


Think beyond your wedding dress

Although the wedding dress is usually the focal point of the bridal look, your accessories too play an important role. They allow you to personalize your wedding day look to the smallest detail. If your wedding dress is in white but you love colors, use accessories to add your favorite colors to your wedding outfit. Show off your bold streak by substituting elegant and dainty wedding shoes that are typical choices, with sneakers or boots that are more your style. Trendy accessories like stoles, shrugs, belts and headpieces allow you to have fun and re-invent the look of your wedding dress. So, explore your options and have fun planning your overall look. 


Be true to your style

Many brides succumb to pressure and make choices that fit traditional expectations. Unfortunately, settling for something that you don't love will only cause you to later regret your decision. Be flexible and keep open mind, when planning your bridal style. Nevertheless, don't let others push their favorites on you. Take time to make your decision and think it through. Whether you choose an opulent, classic wedding gown, a color-splashed flirty frock or bridal separates, what is important is that you are satisfied and excited about how you look as a bride.


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