How Accessories Can Make Your Outfit Stand Out

Statement pieces are very popular in today’s fashion, and allow the wearer to express their own unique style.

All you need is one bold piece to create a statement outfit.

Many people go for a leather jacket, a vintage pair of pants, or other large style piece to create their statement look. This is an excellent way to achieve fashion that stands out, but not the only way! Accessories can be just as much a statement piece as a unique dress or jacket! We’ve rounded up four different accessories that you can use to create a statement style as unique as you are.


4 Ways To Use Accessories To Make Your Outfit Stand Out


1. Jewelry

There are practically limitless options when it comes to choosing a statement piece of jewelry. A chunky, sparkly necklace is an excellent statement piece that can be paired with any outfit. Bright colored earrings, stacked bracelets of different materials, and vintage jewelry are all great statement accessories. You don’t have to choose large, colorful jewelry to make a statement though. A sleep pendant necklace can make as much of a statement as a bejeweled chocker. Enamel pins are also a form of jewelry, and are incredibly popular right now.


2. Shoes

This one is a no-brainer, but shoes are one of the best accessories to use as a statement piece! The perfect shoe can make or break an outfit, so finding a statement shoe is just as important in creating a unique style. Here at Dots Dash, we consider each of our shoes to be a statement piece. Each of our fashion designers have created truly one-of-a-kind shoes that are sure to please people looking to add a creative element to their everyday fashion.


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3. Handbags

A bright purse or vintage styled bag are an excellent way to create a statement outfit with accessories. You can choose a small clutch with an intricate design, or a large handbag with an eye-catching color. Choosing a nontraditional handbag, like a funky backpack or patterned tote, is a great style choice too.


4. Eyewear

A unique pair of sunglasses can also be a statement accessory. A retro-chic cat eye frame or a trendy, geometric frame will scream high fashion and give you a truly one-of-a-kind style. You could even coordinate your sunglasses with a perfect shoe to really draw the eye up and down your whole outfit.


For an outfit that stands out, try any of these statement accessories to reflect your unique style!

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