Advantages Of Quality Over Quantity

We’re all guilty of it: you need a little black dress, so you go to a cheap store to get one for less than thirty euros and buy it in two more colors. Maybe you needed a pair of flats, and spent fifty dollars on a poorly made pair but got them in three different colors.

It’s very tempting to choose a cheap clothing item and buy several of it. After all, isn’t it good to have a large fashion wardrobe with lots of options? Not always.

Quality is the key to creating a stellar style, even if you only have a few pieces. We’ve found four advantages to quality over quantity when it comes to your personal fashion.


4 Reasons To Choose Quality Over Quantity


1) Cost Efficient

It’s hard to believe, but spending that large amount of cash on a high-quality pair of pants is more cost efficient than buying several pairs of cheap pants. Why? Cheap clothing is not made as well as expensive clothing, and will therefore wear out faster. This means you’ll be back at the store within a few months to buy another cheaply made fashion piece. Instead, invest your money in a quality piece that will last you a long time!


2) Personal Style

If you’re seeking to develop a personal style, choosing a few quality clothing items is actually better than choosing several cheap items. By purchasing quality pieces, you’ll consider more thoughtfully what you like and don’t like. This will also help you figure out what colors and silhouettes look best on you too.


3) Better Style

Simply put, quality clothing just looks better! Not only will you be able to see better workmanship in your quality garments, but you’ll also be able to feel that the fabrics are perhaps more comfortable. There’s also a huge advantage when you find the perfect shoe and it’s also a quality product. I can guarantee you that once you will try a proper quality leather shoes – you will feel the difference. It will be sturdier, fit better, and last much longer. Quality clothing also looks better because it forms to the wearer and lies correctly.

*Example of Dots Dash ..- Serendipity shoes. Leather sole is made with goodyear welting. The most time-consuming method of shoe construction, it is also considered the most durable, providing the shoes not only the higher quality and comfort but also the elegant look. 


4) Long Wearing

Similar to number one on our list, quality clothing will last much longer than cheap clothing. The materials used in quality fashion pieces are more durable against everyday wear and tear so you do not have to worry that after 1 or 2 wears they look stretched out or cheap like. Quality pieces will also stand up better against a washing machine and dryer.


Whether you’re looking for the perfect shoe or a new blouse, it’s always better to choose quality over quantity!


This is one of the main reasons why all Dots Dash products are 100% made in Spain from the highest quality materials sourced in Italy and Spain. More than that, each design goes through extensive prototyping until the perfect one is finalized to offer the highest quality and comfort standards for all Dots Dash customers.