5 Go-To Tips Stylish Women Always Follow

It’s easy to get bombarded with all of the latest fashion trends – there are so many of them!

Instead of getting overwhelmed, we have a suggestion: stay classy, stylish, and unique. How can women on the go make sure they’re doing this? We have some of the best go-to style tips that are absolutely timeless.  

Those who follow these guidelines are sure to walk tall and turn heads.


5 Go-To Style Tips, a Statement Piece, and Perfect Shoes


Here are five of the latest style tips for women on the go.


1. A Statement Piece


Not every article of clothing worn needs to make a statement. Instead, we recommend going for that one piece that is unique, fancy, or bold. A simple outfit with a statement piece (like unique and quality shoes) will bring a person some well-deserved, positive attention. It can be matched with a favorite go-to outfit, whether it’s head-to-toe black or jeans with simple t-shirt. Simply by introducing a single statement piece a person can create their very own signature look.


2. Build a Wardrobe with the Perfect Core Pieces


Keeping a selection of core items is one of the keys to living an uncomplicated yet stylish life. Core items are those that can be used to effortlessly create a unique look. These items include a perfectly fitting pair of jeans, a nicely tailored jacket, or a pair of perfect shoes. These are essential go-to items that serve as the foundation to creating a completely unique and personal style.

Quality pieces, therefore, are worth the investment. After all, these pieces will be in constant rotation and are the basic building blocks of a stylish wardrobe. 

Sadly, many women think they’re saving money by purchasing discount articles of clothing, including cheap shoes. In reality, they’re not. Those items wear out quickly and people end up spending more money in the long run.

This is why at Dots Dash we are determined to create perfect shoes – shoes that are not only made to last, but that help women create a stylish and sophisticated every day look. In essence, we want to bring our customers the perfect shoes from the latest talents/designers.



3. Always Pay Attention to Fit


One-size never fits all. We all have unique figures and measurements. Our clothes should fit us perfectly. Even someone wearing clothes made by the latest up-and-coming designer can fall short in the style department if the clothes are ill-fitting. They’ll quickly go from chic to shabby.


4. Be Strategic when it Comes to Exposing Skin


Anyone who has ever watched an episode of Project Runway knows that one of the golden rules of fashion is to be strategic with skin exposure. If someone is going to show cleavage, they need to cover up their legs. If they want to show their gorgeous gams, they need to be covered up on top.


5. Bold, Red Lips


Nothing instills confidence quite like a bold, red lip. Red is such an amazing power color and nearly anyone can find a red that complements their complexion. Whether we need to dress to impress for a job interview, a date, or to pitch a product or idea – a bold lip always gives us a confidence boost.



Your Best Statement Piece: The Perfect Shoes from Dots Dash


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